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HOME Macro Finance is marketing at a whole new level!

HOME Macro Finance - it is income from 110% to 150% per day: from 4,6% to 6,2% every hour in dependace of deposit amount. Minimal deposit is only $1.

Daily Income Amount Every Hour
110% $1-$10 4,6%
115% $11-$30 4,8%
120% $31-$100 5,0%
125% $101-$300 5,2%
130% $301-$1000 5,4%
135% $1001-$3000 5,6%
140% $3001-$10000 5,8%
145% $10001-$30000 6,0%
150% $30001-$100000 6,2%
Global online referral program
HOME Macro Finance
up to %12 bonuses

All referral bonuses are available for withdrawalwithout limits

  • 12 %
    144+ refs
  • 11 %
    89+ refs
  • 10 %
    55+ refs
  • 9 %
    34+ refs
  • 8 %
    21+ refs
  • 7 %
    13+ refs
  • 6 %
    8+ refs
  • 5 %
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  • 4 %
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  • 3 %
    2 refs
  • 2 %
    1 ref
Financial model
currently used in online
Simple platform HOME Macro Finance With simple platform, merchants can get in touch with
affiliates directly, saving over 44% of their advertising budget.
HOME Macro Finance
for the deal
Payment systems
3-5% commission
on turnover
CPA Network
Advertising agencies
15-25% commission
on turnover
and services
5-15% commission
on turnover
  • Banners
  • Marketplace
  • CPC
  • Messengers
  • SEO
  • Email
  • RTB
  • Mobile
  • Blogs
  • Push
  • Social
  • HOME Macro Finance vs. Bank Go
  • HOME Macro Finance Affiliate Network
    vs. Bank Affiliate Networks
Banking platform

Involves a string of brokers that fail to provide
transparency and charge both merchants and

  • High commissions

    Up to 45% of a merchant’s budget is spent on commissions charged by a number of brokers, including banks, payment systems, advertising agencies and platforms

  • High costs

    Affiliate networks have to pay for using existing platforms on a monthly basis or spend money on developing proprietary platforms

  • Tough entry

    Conventional platforms have entry barriers that are too high for affiliate networks

  • Unstable operation

    A technical failure can paralyze all affiliate networks on a centralized platform, until the cause is detected and rectified

HOME Macro Finance simple platform

Brings together merchants and affiliates
without brokers and uses smart stats to
ensure transparent and fair deals

  • Entrance from $1 to $100000

    Absolutely ever man on the Earth can participate in high profitable investment starting from 1$.

  • Free usage

    Investment platform is available for free
    and without any comission for depositing or withdrawal

  • Usage simplicity

    Sign up in 1 click, filling some lines, and you can start your earning in that very moment

  • Fully automatic profit sharing

    With HOME Macro Finance you do not need to understand complicated terms and graphs. Just invest your funds and recieve fixed profit..

affiliate network

Stores all data on one server, does not reveal deal closure mechanisms, and involves both automated and manual operation

  • Delayed payouts

    All financial transactions are processed centrally, resulting in increased processing times and delayed payouts to affiliates

  • Fraud

    Human factor makes it impossible to detect all cases of fraud on centralized platforms

  • Security vulnerability

    In case of a hacker attack, hackers may get access to all accounts in the system

  • Problem of scalability

    As the number of affiliates is growing, merchants may experience problems with general analytics due to disintegrated networks

HOME Macro Finance
Affiliate Network

Does not manage deals and focuses on providing high-quality service and technical support to both merchants and affiliates

  • Instant payouts

    With HOME Macro Finance’s own cryptocurrency, affiliates can get instant payouts 24/7

  • Fair deals only

    Smart stats ensures fair and transparent deals between merchants and affiliates

  • Protection from hacking

    On a protected platform, all user accounts are independent; if one account is hacked, this won’t breach the security of other accounts

  • All statistics and analytics in one place

    With all data available in user’s personal account, dealing with several networks is much easier

We are working with the most reliable
payment systems.

They chose not to struggle on an already established, highly competitive market. Instead, they created their own simple-based market.

The Simple-based investing
platform is a market
with a potential turnover
of $200 bln a year!

HOME Macro Finance is the first simple investing platform in the world!


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New York, USA 49 Howard St.
Moscow, Russia Moscow City, Empire City Tower 6/2 Presnenskaya Nab.
Los Angeles, California, USA Opening soon
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